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How do I Choose a Bathroom Contractor?

Are you tired of asking yourself how do I choose a bathroom contractor?

Perhaps you are thinking of remodeling your existing bathroom or need to have a new bathroom designed and built out. The right contractor can make all the difference, ensuring that your project is completed on time, according to your style, and within budget. Here are our top five time-tested tips to scoring the perfect bathroom contractor.

Ask family and friends for referrals

Word-of-mouth is still hands-down the most effective form of marketing for any business. In order to get a few good leads, ask for referrals from family and friends who’ve recently renovated their bathrooms. Ask them about their experience working with the contractors they are referring to. How the team handled problems, and whether or not work was carried out as discussed. If you can’t get any good leads, try searching online using keywords such as, ‘bathroom contractor near me’, ‘local bathroom contractor’, Sydney bathroom renovation services.’  

Ask for proof of credentials from contractors

Once you’ve got a few leads to pursue, start your research. Do a thorough background check of each of the contractors you’ve been recommended. You can start by visiting the contractor’s website, calling their offices, or going in for a visit. Find out if they have all the necessary building licenses from the local municipalities. Look at the certifications and qualifications obtained – it shows you how serious a contractor is about investing in their skills.

Sit down and interview potential contractors

Now that you’ve got the background check done, it might have raised questions that you need answers to. Perhaps you discovered that the company has an insurance policy that wasn’t clearly explained on their website. Sit down and ask the potential contractors to clarify this and other issues that weren’t clear from their website. Ask about their working style; get quotes, and references to their past work. The more questions you ask the more answers you’ll have to make a final decision.

Make a follow-up on the references

Serious contractors will be able to give you a handful of references to follow up on so you can see the quality of their work. Be wary of contractors who are not able to give you any references whatsoever and yet make grand and elaborate promises on their websites or in person. As the saying goes, ‘Talk is cheap.’

Choose a contractor and get a contract written up

Once you’ve got answers to all your questions, and are happy with the work of a particular contractor, it’s time to get the ball rolling by having a contract written up. Make sure that everything you spoke about in terms of delivery times, responsibilities, fees, and other essential matters such as insurance have all been included in relevant clauses. Read the entire contract before signing it.

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