bathroom trends and designs

Are you looking for the best trending and modern bathroom designs to make your bathroom look to the next level?

Let’s face it, it can be hard to keep up with the latest bathroom designs and trends going on, let alone bathroom design trends, especially in this busy lifestyle we live in. To simplify your concern, we have made your home decorations a little less difficult to plan. Here, we give you a detailed outlook on the best bathroom trends and designs for 2023, to give you the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Newly Styled Vanities and Sinks

If you are looking for a new futuristic urban look, a newly designed vanity and sink are little details that can change your overall bathroom look and feel. The sinks and vanities will bring a youthful and aesthetically pleasing look with every glance.

Some examples include the modern floating vanity sinks which are seamless and full of visual depth. They are very easy to clean and maintain as well. Installation is a breeze and the best part is that they won’t break your bank account.

Console sink vanities are very inexpensive and are a great bathroom design trend to check out in 2022. Rounded vanity is another style that is increasing in popularity and will soon be all over the market. The sleek modern fit has a perfect edgy look and the rounded rectangle works very well in compact space, perfect for any bathroom.

2. Trending Tile Designs

The easiest and best way to remodel your bathroom is to change your tiles. Nothing screams trendier than perfect fitting and colour-coordinated tiles. Get your bathroom up to trend and feel welcome again.

Some of the latest trending tile designs include bricks, a simple and effective way to take your bathroom style to a new level. A brick wall adds a vintage look and neutral colours complement it very well.

Marble has stood the test of time for bathroom designs and is a timeless and elegant piece. New on the market, blue Portuguese is a colourful light blue tile accent. They are very popular choice tiles for your bathroom for their delicate appeal and attention to detail.

3. Colour patterns

Dark interiors are emerging as the top latest bathroom trend and designs in Australia in 2023. Dark shades used properly can complement your bathroom look and have it looking modern again.

Where to go for your latest bathroom trends and designs?

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