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Sydney Wide Bathrooms is a reputable and highly esteemed bathroom specialist and provider of contemporary bathroom designs and renovations.

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We offer all our clients an excellent service. Our materials are of high quality, and we take care of customers’ needs from beginning to the end.

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We offer all our clients an excellent service. Our materials are of high quality, and we take care of customers’ needs from beginning to the end.

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We offer all our clients an excellent service. Our materials are of high quality, and we take care of customers’ needs from beginning to the end.

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We offer all our clients an excellent service. Our materials are of high quality, and we take care of customers’ needs from beginning to the end.

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Sydney Wide Bathroom Renovations

Sydney Wide Bathrooms Renovations has a big purpose in mind, to help with people’s thoughts working with the ways through the process of the new bathrooms ideas and designs. We have more than 10 virtuous years of experience in building and design. A complete modern plan and transformation renovation company provides in the right way a sound price while combining bespoke designs of modern bathrooms with beautiful finishes to give the best results for every single client.

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Do you dream of a renovated modern bathroom? For professional and quality bathroom renovations, call Sydney Wide Bathrooms. We will design that classic modern bathroom and build it out too. If you’re looking for the best local master bathroom contractors, look no further than Sydney Wide Bathrooms.

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Would you like to know how long a bathroom renovation takes?

Bathroom renovations can take as long as six months, but the average renovation for a small bathroom is four to six weeks. If you don’t have a second bathroom, things can get very awkward very fast. You might have to consider moving out of your home temporarily or hiring a camping shower and have it set up in your backyard.  But why does it take so long? Our bathroom renovation experts are here to break it down for you.

How long does a full bathroom renovation take?

A full bathroom renovation requires the acquisition of permits from local authorities. This is why it may take a couple of weeks to six months. But as far as the actual renovation is concerned, it takes a couple of weeks to two months (including the planning phase).

For those who wish to know how many days it takes to renovate a bathroom, or how many hours to renovate a bathroom, if we take the minimum time as four weeks, with contractors working five days a week, eight hours every day, it will take 20 days or 160 hours to complete your bathroom renovation at the very least.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We know a new strategy needs a new program to back it up—which is why we created our Design and Create step.

Here is where it gets exciting! If you are happy with your quotation, we then will proceed by organising a meeting and talk about all ideas we hav got, mach them, spend as much time as we need to select all of the essentials for your bathroom renovations or new bathroom.

Once you have chosen all your preferences, we will put together a contract between both parties and we will be ready to start your project! Your contract will include a progress payment plan, so that there are no surprises.

Here is where we start our physical job. Hands on work, we will work on your project ensuring everything we according before, will be applied with professionalism and quality.

What’s involved in a bathroom renovation?

In order to appreciate how long does it take to renovate a bathroom, it’s important to know that there are at least 10 major steps involved in a bathroom renovation. Simplified they are:

Design finalization: the outline and plan of the new bathroom are finalized. This includes tapware, tiles, and color schemes.

Demolition: normally a one-day event, which consists of stripping the old bathroom off everything from tiles, to fittings to leave a bare frame.

Framing: is necessary if you’re changing the bathroom layout.

Plumbing and electrical installation: involves re-wiring if you’re changing floor plans.

Flooring: installing scion floors.

Plastering: this typically takes several days to do.

Waterproofing: is the most important part of your bathroom renovation and must be carried out by a professional certified under the Building Code of Australia.

Cabinetry: if you purchase off-the-shelf standard cabinetry installation can happen immediately. Cabinetry that needs to be custom-made can take up to 4 weeks to make.

Tiling: this part of your renovation will depend on your specifications. For example, floor-to-ceiling work will take longer than a simple floor tiling alone.

Tapware installation: installation of taps, basins, and showerheads.

Additional accessory installation: such as mirrors and screens.

Painting: comes after everything is fitted in.

Site cleaning: cleaning up of the site area shouldn’t take too much time.

How long does a small bathroom renovation take?

On average, it takes less than four weeks to renovate a small bathroom. Plumbing routes for small bathrooms are often kept intact, thereby allowing a quicker bathroom renovation. If rerouting is necessary, then it may take up more than four weeks to renovate a small bathroom.

What can cause bathroom renovation to take a long time?

The number of bathrooms needing to be renovated can cause renovation to take longer. If you have a double-story house and want to renovate ground floor bathrooms as well as upper floor bathrooms, you can expect a longer renovation time frame.

How will I be able to pay for local bathroom renovation?

We provide a number of options for financing your new bathroom renovation. We take most major credit cards, as well as checks, cash, and direct deposit. Most bathrooms are paid for throughout the course of your refurbishment, allowing you to pay as you go.

Do I have to be home during the bathroom renovation?

You don’t have it. Some customers actually take vacations while their bathrooms are being renovated. With strong key security measures in place, thorough supervision of the renovation, andbathroom renovation contractor that will always respect your property and your privacy, you can rest assured that your home will be in excellent hands.

How much does a bathroom renovation in Sydney cost?

Based on the work necessary, size, duration, and ultimate cost, we split our bathroom renovations into four groups. You will most likely fall into accessible luxury if you have a small, quite simple update. Is it better to have a somewhat larger area or to do more in-depth work? Custom bathroom renovations in Sydney or high-priced fixtures are both options. And then there are some who want it all. We are here to assist you, so please let us know what your budget is so that we can help you achieve the style you like at a reasonable price.

Who manages my bathroom renovation projects?

So that your bathroom renovation project continues on schedule, it will be managed by highly skilled bathroom renovation specialists. To assure quality, all big construction projects are overseen by master builders.

I have two bathrooms, would it be cheaper for me to renovate both at the same time?

Yes, absolutely! If you undertake all of your bathroom renovations at the same time, you can save a lot of money and get great deals.

Can I build my own design for bathroom renovation?

All design consultations invite you to bring your own ideas, thoughts, and questions. We’ll make sure our bathroom renovation designers take this into account, and we’ll also offer suggestions for regions where you’re having trouble or concepts where you’re not sure how functional they’ll be.

Can I choose the tiles and other products that will go in my complete bathroom renovation?

Without a doubt. We strongly advise you to do so because no one understands your preferences better than you. We’ll walk you through the selection process and set up meetings with our recommended vendors to discuss possibilities and give trade discounts where applicable… Alternatively, if you are an investor or don’t have the time, we can take care of everything for you.

Who to hire for bathroom renovations in Sydney ?

Sydney Wide Bathrooms Renovations is ready to get started with your new bathroom, whenever you are! But before you jump in why not have a friendly chat with us and see some of our proposals?

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Sydney, one company stands out from the rest – Sydney Wide Bathrooms. When only the best is good enough for you, look no further. We’re professionals known for our attention to detail, quality workmanship, and unwavering commitment to our clients. To get in touch with us, call us on 0450 550 550, or send us an email at



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    What our customers say about us?

    Benjamin Propsting
    In two weeks, their team completed a full strip back and renovation of two bathrooms!!! All of the team scheduled to arrive and get to work on their part of the renovation on time. I’m overjoyed with the final product. If you are contemplating a renovation, I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Jett O’Dowd
    SWB recently completed our bathroom renovation. We are satisfied with the work. Any problems that arose were expertly handled by them. SWB will be the first business we call the next time we need a renovation, and we would suggest them to anyone who is planning a remodel.

    William Breillat
    From start to finish, they were really professional, easy to work with, and extremely dependable. Dealing with the Sydney wide Bathroom Renovation staff is always a delight. They are bathroom renovation professionals who assisted us with all elements of our bathroom restoration project. They definitely exceeded our expectations after being suggested to us. I would gladly recommend them to anyone now. You guys did a fantastic job!

    Cooper Broadbent

    In five weeks, we refurbished two custom bathrooms. They stuck to the schedule and completed a high-quality renovation in a timely manner. We’re incredibly pleased! Work of exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and a very professional crew. Thank you to the mAnager and the rest of the team. Strongly suggested!

    Toby Mawson
    The finish is excellent. They are personable, helpful, and responsive. The personnel is welcoming and professional. The touch-light, demister mirror that the renovation team sourced is fabulous, it completely transformed the look of my bathroom.