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Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Renovation

Are you tired of your cramped and plain-looking bathroom? There’s never a good time as now to start doing something about it. You may feel like you have a few options when it comes to how you can revamp your bathroom, but we have some news for you. Embrace your small bathroom and make it five stars, with these small bathroom design ideas listed below.

Come up with a bathroom theme

Decorating your small bathroom with a theme in mind gives it cohesion. Pick out pieces that complement each other. A few elements assembled right can save space and light up a room and give the illusion of more space. You can also use your lighting to get the same effect.

Get creative with storage

Extra storage can take up unnecessary space in a small bathroom. Instead of cluttering every corner with a cabinet, you can go minimalist with your storage space. You can install floating cabinets and narrow open shelves or get freestanding tiered wire storage.

Get appropriately sized fixtures

When installing a new toilet seat or bathtub, size matters. If the bathtub you want to get will take half the space you have, it may be a good idea to scale down. Get adequately sized small space features that are not only functional but stylish as well. Remember, if you can see more of the floor, the bathroom feels more spacious.

Get creative with your layout

Limited bathroom square footage gives you the opportunity to be creative with bathroom furniture. You need not buy completely new furniture for your bathroom. Add a few key pieces such as a shower bench or a small vanity then rearrange your existing furniture around them. Do this in a way that saves space.

Get striking flooring and walls

This is a clever trick that many interior decorators utilize to create more space in a small bathroom. If you use the same tiles on the walls and the flooring but in different tones, this will make the room feel bigger. If you have a beautiful base to work with, you’re less likely to clutter it up.

Get minimalist accessories

There are many options for small bathrooms. The aim is to free up as much space as possible so go for minimalist pieces. In this case, less really is more so don’t feel pressured to get every nice trinket that you feel may look nice in your bathroom. Take your time to choose quality pieces that can stand the test of time.

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