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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Renovate a Bathroom

Do you want to know how to renovate a bathroom?

Undertaking a bathroom renovation requires a significant amount of planning. Knowing how to renovate a bathroom step-by-step will make it easier when you sit down with your renovation team. This is why our bathroom renovation experts have put together this mini-guide to help equip you with the basics.

The following are the most notable things to be aware of when engaging in such a project.

Step 1 Have a plan for your bathtub


If you plan on bathtub renovation here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you plan on removing the entire bathtub or just having an enamel coat painted over?
  • How much are you willing to pay for a complete tub overhaul?
  • What material do you want your new bathtub to be made of – resin, acrylic, metal or stone?
  • Do you want a full-size body tub, a freestanding tub, or a mid-range affair?

Step 2 Are you planning on removing the current toilets?

Toilets are a sensitive topic; however, you need to have a plan about what you’re going to do where they are concerned.

  • Do you want to remove your current toilet and install a new toilet?
  • What types of toilets are you looking for – wall-mount toilets, dual flush toilets, composting toilets, or low flush toilets?
  • What’s your budget for new toilets, considering that wall mount toilets start from $150, while mid-range with a cleaner suite cost anywhere between $200 to $500; and the high-end premium toilets – in-wall – cost $600 to $1000.

Step 3 What do you plan on doing where tapware is concerned?

When we say tapware we are talking about taps, showerheads, showers, bath spouts, basin mixers, shower or bath mixers, and bidet mixers.

The kind of tapware you have adds to the feel of your bathrooms. Good quality tapware will not only last for many years but will add that touch of luxury to a seemingly ordinary bathroom. Two of the most common materials you’ll find on the market are stainless steel and brass.

Stainless steel tapware tends to be the best because of its ease-of-cleaning as well as rust-proof nature.  We don’t recommend brass tapware here at Sydney Wide Bathrooms because of the lead and arsenic components which have a negative impact on the environment.  

Step 4 Get creative with your basins!

Basins offer you the chance to get creative and make your bathroom personal. If space is limited then go for wall-hung basins. Other designs include above-counter and under-mount basins. What will determine the basin you choose is the amount of space available in your bathroom. If you’re not sure about what kind of basin to choose, take a look at our portfolio for inspiration.

Step 5 Choose your tiles carefully

modern blue Bathroom renovations

We’ll admit it. We’ve judged places based on the type of tiles used. The right tile can turn your bathroom from drab into fab. Just check out these bathrooms we’ve renovated in the past. If you choose to work with us, we’ll explain to you the differences between vinyl tiles, ceramic and porcelain, glass and stone, and plastic laminate tiles. We’ll help you choose the tiles that best suit your bathroom and fit in with your vision.

Who to hire for bathroom renovations in Australia?

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Sydney, one company stands out from the rest – Sydney Wide Bathrooms. When only the best is good enough for you, look no further.  We’re professionals known for our attention to detail, quality workmanship, and unwavering commitment to our clients. To get in touch with us, call us on 0450 550 550, or send us an email at


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